$150 in Chocolate! Send videos and get paid with a GIANT basket from Sarris!

Attention Rabble-nation… We have some news to get your sweet tooth all riled up!

RabbleVID has teamed up with the world famous (just ask Sofia Vergara!) Sarris Candies to bring you a big prize for your videos, while supplies last.

[jwplayer lo1xm0or]

For every video you upload that ends up on RabbleVID.com we are giving you one of these massive Easter baskets.

They’re filled with $150 of delicious Sarris chocolates and other fabulous treats.

Here’s “Rabble Girl” Veronica taking you on a tour behind the scenes at Sarris to show you how they make the treats you love!

[jwplayer NAXXbmwO]

Check out more from our Facebook live feeds and videos, and send us your videos to start getting paid!

But wait… there’s one more video… thanks “Rabble Girl”!

[jwplayer mDBN7jKO]

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