A 7-year-old boy found his mother unconscious after an apparent heroin overdose, according to Pittsburgh police.

Officers were called to a home on Woods Run Avenue in Marshall-Shadeland Wednesday afternoon after the boy told his older sister that “Mommy fell in the bathroom,” according to a criminal complaint obtained by Channel 11 News.

Police revived Christy Senchisen with Narcan and she was taken to a hospital. Officers said they found several syringes on the bathroom floor and empty stamp bags used to package heroin floating in the toilet.

Senchisen will face charges of endangering the welfare of children.

According to the criminal complaint, the boy had previously been removed from Senchisen’s custody and is currently living with his older sisters. Police said the mother had been visiting the three of them at the time of her overdose, and it was a dangerous situation for the boy.

“In addition to the inherent danger of narcotics such  as heroin being in the presence of a 7-year old child, it should be noted that there is currently a highly potent and deadly strain of heroin  in this area. This heroin is believed  to be mixed with Fentanyl,” the criminal complaint said.

“This particular susbstance is so hazardous that we, the police, have been cautioned against even handling it without proper protective equipment… As such,this subsstance would present an even greater danger to a small  child than plain heroin,” the criminal complaint said.

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