86-year-old woman meets 86th great-grandchild

Marie Frey received a great birthday gift for her 86th birthday, meeting her 86th great-grandchild.

Frey and her late husband, the late Gerald R. Frey, always knew they wanted a big family. In fact, the two had 15 children together.

Her great-granddaughter was born last month a few days before Frey’s 86th birthday.

While her family is spread out all over the country, her children had large families, giving her 68 grandchildren and 86 biological great-grand children to date.

A family expressed how crowded some family gatherings or holidays can get.

“One time at Christmas we counted 155 that were here at one time,” the family member said.

Frey feels she’s been a good mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother and spent many years babysitting younger members of the family who lived close by. She is winding down her babysitting duties in her twilight years though, but keeps herself active in other ways. Frey now spends most of her time playing cards and mowing the grass.

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