Attorney General Kathleen Kane resigns

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has officially announced she will resign from her position effective Wednesday one day following her perjury conviction.

While it is not permitted for a person to serve as Attorney General with a felony conviction, Kane did not have to step down until sentencing.

“I have been honored to serve the people of Pennsylvania and I wish them health and safety in all their days,” Kane said in a statement.

Kane was convicted Monday night of perjury, obstruction and official oppression.

Her conviction comes a year after she was indicted over a 2014 leak to a Philadelphia newspaper, exposing details of a 2009 investigation into a civil rights leader.

The perjury charge alone could result in as much as 7 years in prison.

According to her lawyers, Kane plans to appeal.

“The conviction on all counts … was a crushing blow, but we have not lost our resolve,” said defense lawyer Gerald Shargel, who said he would appeal the judge’s decision to exclude evidence about the offensive, mildly pornographic emails Kane found on state computers.

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