Attorney requests juvenile court for teen accused of killing 13-year-old friend

The defense attorney of a teenager who is charge with an adult criminal homicide for the death of his friend, 13, asked the judge to consider moving the case to juvenile court.

James Gustafson was shot and killed inside a Mount Pleasant home in March and his friend, John Burnsworth, 14, is being charged as an adult in murder.

Burnsworth’s attorney, Richard McCague, asked the judge to consider moving the case into juvenile court.

McCague said his client is a 14-year-old juvenile with an IQ of 85 and has never been in trouble before, claiming that by itself gets in juvenile court

Gustafson’s mother, Leah, told WPXI shouldn’t be in juvenile court at all because he knew what he was doing.

Burnsworth’s attorney said he is struggling day by day and getting counseling.  He is reportedly on medication for dealing with killing his friend.

According to WPXI, the gun owner, Joshua Hudec, and the babysitter, Brooke Nelson, are also facing criminal charges.

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