Bill Clinton campaigns for his wife in Homewood

Former President Bill Clinton spoke fondly of his wife, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Friday afternoon in Pittsburgh.

Bill Clinton concluded his speech at the Homewood Coliseum around 1:00 p.m.

Other speakers included Ed Gainey, Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, who delivered a very loud, passionate speech.

“Trump is trying to take us back…this election is clear cut…We know that we need to go forward,” Gainey said.  “Remaining divided doesn’t improve anything..we can never go back…we support those that want everyone to have an opportunity in America.”

The audience began chanting “Hillary” following Gainey’s speech.

Congressman Mike Doyle used the opportunity to talk about Donald Trump, “Donald cares about one person in America, and that’s Donald Trump…we better not this guy anywhere near the nuclear codes…[Trump is] without a plan and without a clue.”

President Clinton was welcomed  by a loud, cheering audience.  He set the tone of his speech by saying, “We’ve got enough road rage in America” and went on to say, “We have to understand that we honor people’s disappoint and frustration, but when I was a little boy, my mother started teaching me…that you almost never make a good decision in anger…we got one candidate preaching anger and another offering answers.”

Clinton implied that Donald Trump is trying to set our country back in time and added, “It wasn’t so great for people 50 years ago.”

He also touched on under-privileged children, jobs, debt-free college, refinancing of school loans, small business and labor, coal, and the drug epidemic.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be traveling to Philadelphia today for a PA democratic party campaign event with democratic senate hopeful, Katie McGinty and Massachusetts Senator, Eizabeth Warren, at 2:00 p.m. Later this afternoon, her campaign will be in Norfolk, Virginia for an event with Tim Kaine, according to

Donald Trump is holding a rally in Washington D.C. today at 3:30 p.m., then he will travel to Pensacola, Florida to hold another rally at 7:00 p.m., according to his official website.


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