Community voices concerns for Trump as president

Donald Trump was announced as the 45th president of the United States, and for some people the news isn’t sitting well.

Protests have started all over the country, one was at the University of Pittsburgh Tuesday night after it became clear that Trump defeated Hilary Clinton.

A Facebook event was created to invite people to an emergency meeting to talk about what to do since Trump was victorious in the election.

The page stated that, “We will come into this meeting to discuss — collectively — how we might form a coherent, viable, and powerful strategy of self-defense and liberation under President Trump.”

“Several of us came up with this idea as the results were coming in and moving quickly to organize something in response to allow people a space to come express, to learn from other people in their community, to talk about what we should be doing now and what lies ahead,” said Adam Shuck, one of the organizers for the event.   

Hundreds attended the meeting at the Ace Hotel Pittsburgh Wednesday night to discuss their concerns.

“I’m really afraid for my coworkers, my friends, black friends, gay friends, everyone,” said Lauren Macwithey, who attended the meeting.

Njaimeh Njie from Pittsburgh said “there was just a pit in my stomach, kind of a nauseous feeling, thinking about the next four years and the repercussions,” once she heard the results of the election.      

In Clinton’s concession speech, she called for unity and to keep an open mind when Donald Trump begins his term.  While Trump said, he is reaching out for help from people that haven’t supported him in the past to work together and unify the country.  A statement that some people are finding hard to believe.   

“He is trying to make himself fit into a mold, which kind of seems to be his whole thing, he makes himself fit into which ever mold needs to be filled in whatever way,” said Ahmad Hamdan, another organizer for the event.

The meeting room at the hotel was eventually filled and people continued to gather on sidewalks before walking the streets for a peaceful protest.  

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