Contractor responsible for Liberty Bridge fire fined millions

The worker responsible for the Liberty Bridge fire is facing millions in fines.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the contractor who was working on the bridge when a tarp caught fire is JB Fay.

Fay will be fined $8,400 per hour and $12,000 per day the bridge is closed. The Liberty Bridge has been closed since Friday and is scheduled to be reopened next Tuesday, September 12. If the necessary temporary repairs stay on track, Fay’s fines would total $1,917,000.

PennDOT engineers have said the fire could’ve caused the bridge to collapse completely.

Pittsburgh Public Schools has been forced to adjust its hours due to the increased travel time for students and faculty.

Over 55,000 motorists who use the Liberty Bridge each day are having to deal with detours and heavy traffic.

PennDOT District 11 Executive Dan Cessna says PennDOT is looking for ways to improve detour routes.

“Some minor tweaks, officer locations, we will work on that throughout the day getting feedback still from some of the folks that were on those posts,” Cessna said.

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