Delta faces mass cancellations and delays

Delta flights are grounded due to system outage at its hub. Mass delays and cancellations are erupting for Delta flights after a global computer system outage.

This computer issue was triggered from a power outage that occurred at about 2 a.m. Monday morning.

In addition to the delays and cancellations, many passengers are upset over the lack of information and communication from Delta.

Throughout most of the morning, Delta released only one simple statement to travelers on the matter.

“Large-scale cancellations are expected today,” Delta said. These cancellations are being done free of charge. However, cancelled flights may still be incorrectly labeled as “on schedule” on video boards at airports, online, or on social media.

Delta later tweeted vouchers will be offered for anyone traveling between August 8 and 12. The waiver extends to the 12th in the case of any further computer problems Delta encounters trying to fix the initial outage.

One Pittsburgh passenger attempting to travel to Nashville, who appeared calm, expressed some frustration with the airline over the cancellations and lack of information in an exchange with WPXI’s Jennifer Tomazic.

Delta posted limited improvements and updates and that it has lifted its “ground stop” on its official Facebook page.

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