Elderly woman wakes up to men in her home

An elderly woman woke up to two men standing in her home demanding money Monday morning.

According to WPXI, Louise Kaylor, 79, woke up in her Port Vue home at 5 a.m. to two men standing on either side of her bed.

The two men kicked her door in looking for a safe. Kaylor told Channel 11 reporters doesn’t have a safe in her house.

When she tried to call 911, one of the men knocked her phone out of her hand.

Skip Kaylor, Louise’s son, expressed his shock and disappointment after learning what his mother had been through.

“I can’t believe it. Port Vue was such a nice neighborhood. We used to live with doors open,” Skip Kaylor said. “I can’t get over this would happen. It looked planned, doesn’t look like this was random.”

Louise Kaylor believes God helped ensure her life was spared.

“I am thankful. I know God was with me. They didn’t hurt me,” she said.

The Port Vue Police Department is receiving help from the Allegheny County police in their investigation.

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