Fetterman shifts support to Clinton

Braddock Mayor John Fetterman shifts his support for our next President of the United States. Fetterman, who has been a strong Bernie Sanders guy, is following the lead of Sanders and now endorsing Hillary Clinton.

Fetterman explains why he is joining Sanders on team Hillary.

“You have the choice of somebody like Hillary Clinton versus someone like Donald Trump…there really is only once choice and that’s Hillary Clinton,” he said. “I understand there are a lot of the Bernie (Sanders) supporters who are disappointed, but to sit this one out is the equivalent of voting for Donald Trump.”

This is an interesting development, since many strong Sanders supporters are still hesitant to join Clinton, even after Sanders proclaimed “I’m with her” to a New Hampshire crowd yesterday.

Why is Fetterman’s endorsement important? The Mayor of Braddock won a shocking 20 percent of the vote statewide in his pursuit of a U.S. Senate seat, a significant accomplishment for a man who only won the Braddock Mayor’s office by literally one vote in 2005 and was previously relatively unknown outside of Braddock.

The Mayor continued to express Republican nominee Donald Trump is at the root of his move to fully support Clinton.

“Everything about Donald Trump is un-presidential,” says Fetterman.

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