Fire crews adjusting for heat wave

The hot weather Pittsburgh has experienced lately is causing fire crews to change their response methods in emergencies and expand personnel.

When a vacant warehouse on Larimer Avenue caught fire Saturday night, at least a half dozen fire trucks responded and the fire was placed at a two-alarm classification, not just because of the size, but due to hot and humid weather.

Jeffrey Meyer, who is Pittsburgh’s chief of medical services, explained to WPXI how the heat wave can create a concern for firefighters.

“EMS is extremely concerned about the well-being of firefighters because you have excessive heat, you have the fire – it’s even hotter inside.”

At another fire on Hamilton Avenue, first responders also adjusted their procedures due to the advanced heat.

“The whole idea is keep rotating people through. We have our people on standby fluids, rehab just to make sure everyone comes out well,” Meyer said.

There have been an increase in fires and heat related emergencies in the city of Pittsburgh and its surrounding suburbs this summer.

Citizens are encouraged to check on neighbors, especially the elderly, and to stay as hydrated as possible during this hot weather.

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