Girl whose photo went viral loses cancer battle


In May of 2015, this heartwarming photo of Maliyah Jones and Madelina DeLuca hugging at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh went viral after Maliyah’s mother, Tazz Jones, posted it on social media..


6 year old, Maliyah Jones of Verona, passed away last night at about 6 p.m.

WPXI reported that “Maliyah Jones was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma after a tumor was found growing in her abdomen at 2 years old.”

Tazz tried her best to remain hopeful for her daughter, but this past May, Maliyah’s mother, Tazz, wrote on her “You Caring” page that Maliyah’s time on earth may have been nearing its’ end.

“You can see in her face, in her eyes and look at her little body and tell that she doesn’t want this anymore. You can tell that she is tired and wants to just be happy. I want to be able to spend as much time with my girl as I can and do as much fun things with her as possible. I always have her best interests at heart and i care more about her quality of life than anything. I am not sure how long she has but I do know that I will make some of the best memories while she’s still here. I’m so happy that she remains in good spirits as of now and has been so very strong. I am always here for her. Were so thankful for the love, support, prayers and help over the past years. You are all a part of her testimony and story. We love you!”

Today, Tazz Jones expressed her gratitude to family, friends, and others. She told WPXI:

“I thank them so much for the love, support and prayers for myself and my family for the past years as she battled. With out everyone on our side; without everyone ‪#‎teammaliyah‬ and ‪#‎malistrong‬ I don’t know where my mind would be at. Everyone supporting has kept me sane and it means a lot she was so loved and inspired millions of people all over. She’s a legend and her little legacy will forever be lived.”

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