Governor Wolf committed to improving customer experience at DMV

Pennsylvania governor, Tom Wolf, is trying to make the process at driver’s license centers easier and quicker for customers.

According to the governor’s Press Secretary, J.J. Abbott, PennDOT and Secretary of Transportation, Leslie Richards, are working with the DMV’s to implement new software and technology to improve performance.

“Back in December, PennDOT deployed new software to reduce wait times for drivers. And we learned that something as simple as a software upgrade can not only improve the customer experience, but help agencies such as PennDOT operate more efficiently and transparently.”

PennDOT’s new driver’s license center in Norristown (Montgomery County), depends upon the new technology and upgrades that the state is testing, to improve and monitor services.

Some of the new upgrades include customer feedback stations that allow customers to report problems and receive assistance at the time of service, and text notifications which will give customers the opportunity to leave the facility and still keep their place in line.

More updates incorporate appointment opportunities that can be scheduled prior to arrival at the facility, and the DMV website will now post average wait times to make DMV visits more convenient for customers.

“The Wolf Administration is committed to making a government that works efficiently, effectively and with innovation that the people of Pennsylvania both demand and have come to expect in the private sector.”


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