"Internet Girl" wins in Federal Court

Philadelphia, PA – A child pornography victim is being allowed to bring a lawsuit against her abuser. This was the ruling made by a federal court.

Michael Mancuso adopted a five year old girl from Russia and then sexually assaulted and abused her for five years.

Mancuso, who is from Pittsburgh, is in the midst of serving time in a federal jail after his 2004 plea. He also has more lengthy state sentences to serve.

Despite already paying $200,000 in restitution in the criminal case, The U.S. Third Circuit Court said the restitution does not negate the victims’ ability to seek civil damages. Stanley W. Greenfield, Mancuso’s says he plans to appeal this ruling.

His criminal trial revealed Mancuso repeatedly raped and abused the victim, then known as Masha Allen (she has since changed her name), on camera.

Masha gained fame being referred to as the “Internet Girl” and once appeared on Oprah. She is now 23.

“Mashsa’s Law” allows victims of child pornography to sue their abusers and anyone who contributed to their victimization by downloading, purchasing or sharing the depictions.

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