Judge rules against allowing armed police in Monroeville schools

An Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge denied Gateway School District’s request to have their own armed police force on Thursday.

WPXI reports, “the district submitted a petition for an expedited decision to add armed guards beyond school resource officers on September 6, 2016  Officials cited a recent incident in which police were able to intercept communications on social media and prevent a potential altercation between two students,” reports WPXI.

Chad Stubenbort, Gateway School District school board president, is not pleased with the judge’s decision.

“I’m personally very disappointed in Judge O’Riley’s denial of our petition to arm our school police. On page six, he states that he does not believe a school police force is a good idea. The Gateway school board did not petition the judge to see his personal opinion of the matter. I expected the judge to rule according to the law. Instead, we received his personal opinions, which were littered with his own bias against the formation of a police force,” Stubenbort said in a written statement obtained by WPXI.

There is no word whether or not Gateway School District officials will appeal the ruling or on how they plan to handle the matter in the near future.

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