Junior firefighter arrested for arson

Arson charges have been brought against 17-year-old junior firefighter for starting several fires in the Penn Hills area.

Police told WPXI that three fires the boy has been linked to gave off red flags, stemming back to June.

The June fire included couches burned on a curb. In July, a dumpster on Frey Road was set a blaze and a business experienced a pallet fire.

Chuck Miller, the Penn Hills Fire Marshall, spoke about these fires.

“I noticed we started to have a rash of dumpsters, trash fires in a certain district,” said Miller.

Miller conducted an investigation that led him to Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Station 226, which is near one of the fires and where the boy served as a junior firefighter.

After connecting the dots, Miller informed the local police and the boy was arrested and charged with arson last week.

This boy, whose identity is not being released because he is a minor, is believed to be responsible for those fires and possibly others.

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