Karate Instructor accused of changing his name and taking customer's money

A karate instructor who is now a Pittsburgh resident, is being accused of taking customer’s money for instruction that they never received.

According to KDKA-TV, “in 2006 the state of Indiana sued a karate instructor named Jonathan Stowe, alleging fraudulent and deceptive practices, signing more than 100 families up to lifelong contracts for as much as $7,000 apiece and then abruptly closing all three of his studios.”

“The instructor reportedly paid the court-ordered restitution…the state sued Stowe again when other clients came forward. But by then, he had already moved to Washington State, where he filed for bankruptcy to protect himself from creditors,” reported KDKA-TV.

Reportedly, later that same year, a man who appeared to be Jonathan Stowe opened another studio in Washington State under the name of Jonathan Mahon.

According to customers interviewed by KDKA-TV, they were pressured to sign long term contracts. Then last December upon arriving at the studio for a lesson, the karate studio was suddenly closed with no warning.

It is believed that the new owner of the recently opened Victory Martial Arts Studio in Seven Fields, is Jonathan Stowe.


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