Lifeguard saves drowning boy

Scott Township, PA – Lifeguard saves drowning boy reports WPXI. While always ready, most lifeguards never expect to actually need to save a life.

On Wednesday, a boy was taken to a hospital after he was found face-down in a community pool in Scott Township.

Ross Manganaro, a lifeguard at the pool, is the man who resuscitated the boy. Manganaro recounted the scenario surrounding saving the boy from drowning.

“I saw him lift a lifeless little kid out of the water,” Manganaro said. “I pulled him out over by those steps, and I immediately checked (for his) pulse. It was weak, but there, and he was turning blue.”

CPR was immediately performed on the boy until he was alert and responding. The boy was taken to the hospital and his mother later informed the management of the pool staff that her son was okay. The boy’s identity is not being released to the public because he’s a minor.

Manganaro is a veteran lifeguard of six years at this particular pool and is also an EMT. Despite being highly qualified, Manganaro still expressed the immense stress he was under.

“It’s immediately personal. Everyone’s looking at you,” he said.

The pool closed the rest of the day Wednesday, but is expected to be open at normal hours moving forward.

“I hope to see you swimming again sometime soon. Don’t let this ruin it for you,” Manganaro told the boy whose life he saved.

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