Man finds unknown woman taking bath in home

A homeless woman was arrested Monday after she was broke into a Cecil Township home and took a bath, police said.

The resident of the home found Robin Theiss, 48, in his bathroom after he unsuccessfully tried to open the bathroom door after waking to the sound of running water, reports the Observer-Reporter.

The resident told police, he heard a woman say, “I’m in here.” She wrapped herself in a towel and ran away.

Theiss was later found walking in the neighborhood.

According to the Observer-Reporter, police said she also broke into another home, where she ate food that had been in the refrigerator and left macaroni and cheese on the counter.

Theiss was known to police because of an incident Friday at Rice’s Auto.  She reportedly took a pickup truck, put about 50 miles on it, and returned it.

Police said Theiss was also seen on surveillance video attempting to set tires on fire.

Theiss was charged with two counts of burglary, theft, loitering and prowling at night for the incidents at the homes.

She was facing charges of theft, unauthorized use of a vehicle, receiving stolen property, attempted arson and criminal trespass for the incident at the garage.

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