Man pulls woman out of burning car

A man pulls a woman from a burning car after an accident in Washington County early Thursday morning.

Langan Fruehan rescued the woman, who was involved in a two car accident, from her burning vehicle.

Fruehan told WPXI that he couldn’t not stop when he was driving by and saw the situation.

“I just couldn’t pass,” Furehan said. “I just couldn’t pass and go on for the rest of however, knowing that if I would have stopped there could have been a better outcome than what there was and possible to save somebody’s life.”

Once the woman was out of the car, other people at the scene helped treat her until the EMT’s arrived.

When describing what it is was like near the burning car, Fruehan said, “it was so hot it was singeing the hair on my head and eyebrows and eyelashes.”

The woman’s condition is not known. She was airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital.

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