Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile, spraying to begin

Officials in Allegheny County have announced they will begin spraying areas in Lawrenceville and Bloomfield after samples of mosquitoes collected from those areas were found to have been infected with West Nile virus. On Wednesday, September 14th, trucks will lightly spray the areas with insecticide from 8-10 p.m.

The insecticide is called “Zenivex” and will kill adult mosquitoes and is not harmful to people or pets.

If it rains, spraying will take place on September 15th.

The Allegheny County Health Department urges the public to get rid of standing water, use insect repellent and make sure open windows have screens.

The ACHD also says 70-80% of people infected with West Nile do not develop symptoms, but those who do can develop a fever, rash, headache, body aches and joint aches. Anyone who believes they or someone they know has West Nile virus to see a healthcare provider. So far, there have been no confirmed human cases of West Nile in Allegheny County this year.

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