Oakland Qdoba pushes back reopening date

The reopening for the Qdoba in Oakland has been pushed back.  The restaurant was closed after a man became stuck in between two buildings, he attempted to jump from one rooftop to another to impress a woman.

The restaurant posted on their Facebook page that  when the rescue crew tore into the walls, old lead paint was disrupted. The area had to be cleaned and contained.

Qdoba has started to rebuild.

The restaurant also invited the jumper for a free taco.

“Our jumper friend has received enough ridicule, but we found the dating psychoanalysis too funny not to pass along! We hope he is recovering well and we invite him in for a #knockoutthewalltaco on us when we open!” The restaurant said in their Facebook post.

Qdoba said there will be a grand reopening when the work is finished, but not date has been announced.


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