Oakmont Bakery puts finishing touches on wedding cake creations

Oakmont Bakery’s cake decorators are hard at work putting the finishing touches on wedding cakes at the height of wedding season.

Rabble Girl visited the bakery to get a behind-the-scenes, step-by-step look at the cake crafting process.

A day later, the high-class custom cakes were complete!

One creation, co-created by a bride, groom, and a cake decorator, was simple, sweet, and the perfect canvas for fresh flowers that will be added by a florist.

You don’t want a lot of icing you say? No worries! “Naked cakes” are lightly dusted with powdered sugar and are very trendy right now. This naked cake was eventually topped with dried lavender.

Whether you want to stay simple and sweet, go naked, or prefer a more colorful standout, Oakmont Bakery has you covered.

Fondant creations can be customized to match the color palette of your wedding.

This colorful cake contains edible flowers that look too real to eat!

On this unique cake, decorators added burlap to match a specific wedding theme.

Sometimes brides and grooms prefer more of a classic look. This 4 tiered cake is high-class!

Oakmont Bakery personally delivers all custom cake creations to the wedding venue for the bride and groom’s convenience.

Oakmont Bakery can do more than just a wedding cake for the big day.

Couples can go with donuts, cupcakes, and/or cookies too.

The pros at Oakmont Bakery are sure not to forget about the groom…they make custom specialty groom’s cakes as well.

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