PA governor working to end important issues

The office of Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, has created plans to end two of Pennsylvania’s most significant issues.

Governor Wolf has made it clear to PA citizens that he is cracking down on sexual assault and opioid abuse.

The Governor’s office announced today, September 10, 2016,  that the state has received a grant to help end the opioid addiction epidemic.

According to the Governor Wolf’s website, the $3.7 million dollars in federal grants will be used to rebuild midtown Harrisburg.

“The revitalization project includes the renovation of four vacant and blighted buildings, which will be renovated to contain a mix of commercial and residential space.”

Also, the Governor announced the “It’s On Us” campaign to raise awareness, increase accountability, and prevent sexual assault on college campuses.

“It’s On Us PA brings together college and university presidents, superintendents, administrators, teachers, students, families, and community members to reframe the conversation around sexual violence and pledge to be part of the solution.”

The announcement came a day before the Pitt vs. Penn State football game and Governor Wolf is encouraging citizens to “take the pledge to be part of the solution” to sexual assault.

Take the pledge here:

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