Paul Ryan kicks off Republican National Convention by waving Steelers "Terrible Towel"

There are not many better ways to get Western Pennsylvania voters to support you than to wave a “Terrible Towel” for the Pittsburgh Steelers. House Speaker Paul Ryan agrees with this sentiment.

While meeting with the Pennsylvania GOP delegation Monday morning during the kickoff of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Ryan waved a Steelers “Terrible Towel” after one was thrown to him by someone in the crowd.

Ryan, who is not a Steelers fan, expressed he did this to show exactly how much he wants a Republican to win the United States presidency. Ryan knows how essential Pennsylvania is to the election.

“I want to win this election so darn badly that I’m willing to do this,” Ryan said as he waved the towel.

Ryan, who represents Wisconsin, is a Green Bay Packers fan. He is actually such a Packers fan he owns a stake in the team. The Packers, who don’t have an official owner, allow fans to purchase a stake in the franchise.

It was the Packers who defeated the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, the last Super Bowl Pittsburgh appeared in.

Even though waving a “Terrible Towel” might help relations with some Pennsylvania voters, it likely won’t be well received with Ohio voters. Ryan did this in Cleveland, home of historically one of the Steelers bitter rivals, the Cleveland Browns.

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