Pittsburgh Police Chief turns in resignation

Pittsburgh police chief Cameron McLay announces his resignation.

Mayor Bill Peduto and McLay spoke on the transition at a press conference Friday afternoon.

“When I entered office I knew what the Police Bureau needed was a reformer. With the indictment and conviction of the former Chief, with community-police relations at risk, and morale among the rank-and-file at an all-time low, it required someone from the outside to get us to the point where we are today. Cam McLay was exactly the person we needed,” Mayor Peduto said.

“On his first day here, I asked Cam how long he would stay, and he said the average term for a police chief was three years. We knew we only had him for a short time, but in that time he was able to mend relations with the community, rebuild professionalism within the Bureau, and overhaul a command staff that is now promoted on merit rather than politics.

The City is in debt to Cam for his contributions to the community, taking all the shots and criticisms that come with making changes, and putting the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police on a successful pathway that is a model for law enforcement agencies across the United States. We will continue on that pathway for years to come.”

Rumors McLay would resign began after he had disputes with the police officers’ union over a number of other issues, including forced overtime. McLay denied these rumors last month.

The last official day McLay will serve as police chief will be for November 8.

Scott Schubert, a 20 year veteran of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, has been named interim police chief until a permanent replacement is found.

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