Police arrest a man who brought a gun into a movie theater

After a Georgia man brought a stolen gun and ammunition into a Beaver County movie theater, he was arrested by police. William Gossett, 21, was arraigned Sunday on charges of receiving stolen property and carrying an unlicensed firearm stemming from his arrest Saturday evening at the Cinemark Theatre in Center Township.

Gossett was intending to see “The Purge,” according to the Beaver County Times.

Police stopped him when they noticed Gossett had a large bag with him upon entering the theater. Gossett also alarmed the Cinemark Theatre security when they noticed he was wearing military fatigues on a 90 plus degree summer day.

Once investigating the gun Gossett had in his bag, police learned it had been stolen from Columbiana, Ohio.

Due to his felony record, Gossett can’t own the gun he had with him.



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