Police arrest man caught on video attempting robbery

Police have arrested a man seen in Crime Stoppers surveillance video attempting to break into an Oakland apartment, reports KDKA.

Gerald Russell, 57, was caught on camera trying to push an air conditioner unit to get in an apartment on North Neville Street last month. The video also recorded Russell running away after the woman inside the apartment heard the commotion and started screaming.

After almost a month of evading the police, Russell has now been arrested.

Police were able to catch Russell when they got a call a man was acting suspicious in one of the apartment buildings on the 5600-block of Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside.

When police arrived at the apartment, Russell was inside holding a laptop and a bag of grapes. He said the items belonged to him, but the woman who lived at the apartment told Pittsburgh Police they were hers.

Russell will be charged with both the Oakland attempted robbery and the crime in Shadyside.

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