Police arrest man on drug, gun charges

Police responding to a ShotSpotter alert leads to the arrest of a man on drug and firearm charges.

While responding to the alert at the intersection of Idlewild and Sterret Streets in Homewood, officers noticed a man inside a vehicle.

Police asked the man, who they identified as Richard Burch, 23, if he had heard any gunshots.  While speaking, Burch adjusted his waistband indicating that he had a firearm on him.

Burch was ordered to step out of the vehicle for a pat-down and found a firearm in his pants.  Police said he did not have a license to carry and was taken into custody for illegal possession of a firearm.

Officers found several bags of marijuana, LSD, ammunition, an empty case for a different firearm, and drug paraphernalia after they searched Burch’s vehicle.

Burch was taken to the Allegheny County Jail and charged with felony firearm and drug offenses.


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