Police arrest men accused of making purchases with stolen credit cards

Police have arrested two men and are looking for a third who allegedly broke into vehicles and stole credit cards.

According to WPXI, police arrested Waurionex Carron and Larry Jerez. The men are not from Pennsylvania.

Carron and Jerez are accused of making purchases with stolen credit cards at a Target in Findlay Township and Best Buy stores in North Fayette and Cranberry townships.

According to police, surveillance video shows one of the three suspects purchasing Apple MacBook Pro‎s using the stolen credit cards.

Reportedly, the men purchased a total of five computers worth more than $15,000.

Police tracked the men by tapping into the suspects’ rental vehicle’s GPS, reports WPXI.

In the parking lot of the Best Buy in Cranberry Township, police took Carron and Jerez into custody.

Police told WPXI that,one of the suspects told detectives, “We’re here to steal, that’s our only goal. Do what you have to do.”

A warrant has been issued for the third suspect who was allegedly the “lookout” as the crimes took place.



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