Police investigate human remains found in Shenango Township

Authorities say that human remains that were found at a property in Mercer County had been buried there for several months.

The remains were found on a private property on the Mercer-West Middlesex Road in Shenango Township.  KDKA reports there were signs that the body was at least partially burned.

Police released new details about the case since a search began Tuesday.

Officials say the body has not been identified and they are still searching for missing body parts.

According to KDKA, the Mercer County Coroner said that the remains belonged to a Caucasian male of unknown age.

Police said several search warrants were executed in connection to the investigation.

Local authorities were led to the scene by another law enforcement agency.

This is a joint investigation between state police and Sharon and Shenango police, reports KDKA.

Sharon Police were called because they are the only local department with a missing person on record.

Police said they have found evidence that indicates illegal activity was going on at the property.


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