Police investigating mother for missing twins

Police are investigating a mother after recently discovering two of her children have been missing for 10 years. The discovery was made after police removed four children from the home in June, at the request of Allegheny County Office of C.Y.F., and were later informed there should have been six children.

Their mother, Patricia Fowler, 47, of Penn Hills gave detectives conflicting answer as to their whereabouts. KDKA-TV reports Fowler originally told investigators she sold the fraternal twins for $2,000 each. She then changed her story, saying they were living with a high school friend, then living with an out-of-state aunt.

None of her stories have yet been verified.

Police say they have no idea what happened to the boy and girl. They would be about 17-years-old today.

Neighbors are shocked.

Fowler is facing several charges including hindering a child welfare investigation.

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