Police say woman passed out with child on her lap in public

Police say a Pittsburgh woman was found passed out with a child on her lap at a Get-Go.

Officers found Anna Watson, 35, slumped over on a bench with a small child, according to WPXI.

Officers say they revived Watson and found marijuana in her purse.

They apprehended Watson after she allegedly attempted to run.  Another officer was able to grab the boy,who was not hurt.

Police say Watson tried to assault an officer after she slipped her right wrist out of handcuffs.

Watson reportedly shoved her body through a crack in the window of the police cruiser.  Officers say they pulled her inside, and she kicked one them in the neck and chest.

Watson was taken to a hospital and was later taken to Allegheny County Jail.  She was charged with child endangerment and assaulting an officer.

According to police, the boy was also treated at a hospital for low body temperature and a fluctuating heart rate


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