Police: Three resist arrest, teen tries to take officer's gun

Two men and a juvenile are in custody after attempting to resist arrest from police.  One of the men and the juvenile were arrested twice in the same night.

A 15-year-old boy was accused of walking past police with a bag of marijuana sticking out of his pocket.

The incident happened at a Sheetz on Wayne Avenue in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  Officers attempted to take the teen into custody, but he resisted arrest.

Police said Devin Montgomery, 20, attempted to interfere with the arrest and free the teen.  He was also arrested and teens discovered he was in illegal possession of Xanax.

A third person, 19-year-old Joshua Walker, picked up the juvenile and Montgomery from the police station.  Both were released from police custody, but the three men came to the station and refused to leave.

According to police, all three resisted arrest when officers attempted to take them into custody.  The juvenile reportedly attempted to take an officer’s gun.

Montgomery was charged with riot, disorderly conduct, trespass, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, obstruction of the administration of the law and resisting arrest.

Walker was charged with riot, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The juvenile has been charged with riot, disorderly conduct, disarming a law enforcement official, trespass, possession of marijuana and resisting arrest. He has been placed in juvenile detention.

Walker and Montgomery were taken to the Indiana County Jail.


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