Puppies found in trash can have slim chance of survival

Five puppies that were found in a trash can, have a slim chance of survival.

Animal Friends of Westmoreland County posted on social media that “someone found them and after calling several other shelters, they called us and our shelter manager drove down to get them.” on Friday, August 2, 2016.

Unfortunately, according to Animal Friends, one of the puppies did not survive.

Now, the shelter is working around the clock to save them.

The pups are believed to be only 10-12 days old. They were found in Uniontown covered in fleas, severely dehydrated, and they have no mother to nurse from.

Two veterinarians at the shelter each took two puppies home to bottle-feed them around the clock and to make sure they are monitored at all times.

Animal Friends urges that if anyone knows anything about the dumping of these puppies, to please call the shelter at 724-925-2555.

Also visit www.animalfriendswestmoreland.org to donate for their care.

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