UPDATE: Contradicting stories regarding police car involved in crash

People involved in a car accident involving a police car on Monday, are telling contradicting stories.

A Pittsburgh Police officer was responding to a report of a stolen vehicle Monday, and approached the intersection of Liberty Boulevard and Larimer Avenue.

The details of what happened next, varies depending on who is asked, KDKA-TV reports.

The police say this was not a “chase” or “pursuit” and that the officer was on his way to Morningside to search for a stolen vehicle. The officer in the patrol vehicle was driving through the intersection, when he was hit by a car, and pushed into another due to force of the impact, according to police.

However, the people in the other vehicle, Elleanna Adams and Shakur Bruce, tell a completely different story.

Adams and Bruce were traveling with a total of four people in their car including a 3 year-old boy, and they say that the police car was traveling at an extremely high rate of speed without lights or sirens when it hit them.

“He was going so fast, I didn’t even know he was coming…That’s how fast he was going…He almost killed us,” Bruce told KDKA-TV.

Adams, Bruce, and the officer, were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and have since been released. Bruce’s mother remains in the hospital due to a fractured back. The 3 year-old was not hurt.

Police say that it will take time to complete the official report of the accident. Exactly how long that process will take is unclear.

Until then, there is no proof to backup either story.



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