UPDATE: Penn Hills lifts hoodie ban temporarily after several violations resulted in suspensions

Dozens of Penn Hills high school students were suspended for wearing hooded sweatshirts last week.

The school district implemented a new dress code policy for the 2016-2017 school year, that bans hooded sweatshirts for all students in all grades, but on Friday, The Penn Hills School Board of Directors lifted that policy temporarily.

School Superintendent Dr. Nancy Hines released a statement Friday afternoon:

“As a matter of courtesy to the more than 3,400 students and their families who have been faithfully respecting the Penn Hills School District’s ban on hoodies, a majority of the Board of School Directors is opting to lift the ban temporarily and to allow all students to wear garments with hoods. HOWEVER, for those who opt to wear the actual hoods while traveling within our school buildings, they will be referred for further disciplinary action. The Board will review the level of student cooperation during this evaluation period. We are sincerely hoping that all students will cooperate and demonstrate a unified commitment to safety.”

According to reports, the school board did not officially vote to lift the ban of hoodies.

School board member, Erin Vecchio, told KDKA-TV, “We’re going against something we already voted on; it’s ridiculous.”

“Board member, Pauline Calabrese said the hoodie ban should have been debated openly, followed by a public vote,” KDKA-TV reports.

The the temporarily modified dress code policy will go into effect Tuesday.


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