UPDATE: PennDOT responds to traffic light concern on Route 19

A pole that holds direction signs and traffic lights on Route 19 off of Interstate 70 in Washington County was shaking. Joyce Gainer, who submitted the video to RabbleVID, says the pole appears damaged. Gainer and her husband are concerned the pole could fall down.

A spokesperson for PennDOT has reviewed the video and has responded:

“The construction crew on this particular project are aware of this movement. They are currently monitoring it and will most likely be installing an additional device to reduce the movement to acceptable levels.”

PennDOT also explains the movement is called “galloping,” which is a “condition that occasionally occurs with very long mast arms that hold signals or signs. When this occurs, the situation is monitored and if it meets warrants, an additional device is placed on the poles to mitigate the movement.”


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