UPDATED: Chief McClay responds to vote of no confidence

The Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #1 decided on a vote of “no confidence” regarding Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay.

According to WPXI, about 60 percent of the force’s 759 active duty officers voted.  421 voted “no confidence,” 16 voted that they do have confidence in the chief and 22 declined to vote.

“The regular, everyday police office doesn’t have confidence in the direction the chief is taking the department in,” said Robert Swartzwelder, the police union president.

A unofficial vote was conducted through an online survey.  Less than half of the Pittsburgh Police Bureau’s officers participated. 227 officers said they have “no confidence” in McLay. Fourteen said they did, and 438 decided not to vote in the online survey.

Monday, September 12, 2016, Chief McLay released the following statement in response to the vote.

“Any time a police chief attempts significant changes to an organization’s approach to policing, cultural resistance and push back are normal and inevitable. I fully expected such resistance when I came here. Facing confidence votes is simply one of the realities faced by major city police chiefs today. No-confidence votes only have such meaning as assigned to them by government officials. I cannot control any of this.”

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay underwent criticism when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in uniform in July.

Some believed that action was a violation of the ethics code.

McLay requested an investigation last month.

According to the Associated Press on September, 2, 2016, “The Office of Municipal Investigation’s findings released on Friday say complaints against Chief Cameron McLay are unfounded.”

Chief McLay is concentrating on moving forward.

“I am focusing on keeping the Police Bureau moving in the same positive direction we have been heading. I am focusing on how to best meet the needs of my members and prepare them to meet the high standards of accountability placed upon them. It is our collective responsibility to serve this community well. I have great confidence in the hard-working officers who serve this community well every single day, and they will always be the focus of my efforts.”


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