Westinghouse Academy prepares for Wilkinsburg students

Westinghouse Academy prepares for merger with Wilkinsburg as part of their addition to Pittsburgh Public Schools. Over 600 former Wilkinsburg students will now attend Westinghouse Academy starting next week.

Faculty of Westinghouse Academy has been attempting to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible for so many students now having to attend a new school.

Steven Sylvis, a Social Studies teacher at Westinghouse Academy, has a message to new students.

“I think parents should know we care about their kids,” said Sylvis. “We have a safe environment to learn and a world of opportunities they didn’t have before.”

Teachers across several grade levels met today to discuss how they will introduce any new student to their classroom. Westinghouse Academy hold students from grades 6 through 12.

Even though this merger is widely viewed as a positive for the former Wilkinsburg kids in hopes of giving them a better education, there is also concern over the history of rivalry between the two communities.

The staff at Westinghouse Academy remains optimistic they will be able to help calm any tensions and create a better relationship for the children from an early age.

Cynthia Tolover, an eighth grade English teacher, told WPXI her hope.

“We are going to team build and, as we team build, the students go home and tell their parents about what is happening, stir the excitement and change the perception of the community itself.”

Westinghouse Academy has increased security measure as a precaution due to the merger.

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