Woman allegedly stabs husband after drinking her beer

A Fayette County woman is facing charges after she allegedly stabbed her husband for drinking her beer.

Police say Tracey Giffin, 45, is charged with aggravated assault after stabbing her husband , Joseph Giffin, at their Whyle Avenue home in North Union Township.

According to officers, the victim has blood on his chest and stomach that was coming from cuts to his neck, chest and head.

Joseph Giffin told police the suspect was upset that he had drank one of her beers.  He said an argument took place, she then grabbed a pair of scissors and cut him. She then bit him on the arms and thumb.

Tracey Giffin was taken to the Fayette County Jail.

She was also arrested in 2013 after state police said she fought with her then-boyfriend, William Balas, over barbecue sauce. Balas apparently forgot to pick up the condiment from the store on Christmas Eve and that when he returned home, a physical fight occurred. Balas and Giffin were charged after police said Balas hit Giffin and she bit him, according to investigators.

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