Woman saves choking baby at Wendy's

A woman saved a choking baby at a Wexford Wendy’s. Shannon McCarthy, a former EMT and CPR instructor, was having lunch with her family when she heard a baby crying. She immediately jumped to action and went over to help, reports KDKA.

“I told them I’m neither a doctor or a nurse, but I can help you,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy described her account of the situation to CBS Pittsburgh.

“They showed me a lifeless baby that they were holding,” said McCarthy. “The baby was blue already around her lips and around her face.”

Witnesses explain both employees and customers in the Wendy’s appeared to stand still in silence.

During McCarthy’s attempt to resuscitate the baby, she discovered the baby had choked on peanut butter crackers.

“Five back blows did the trick,” said McCarthy. “Flipped her over, seen that she had a glob of food in her mouth that was stuck. I did a finger sweep on her twice.”

“Flipped her back over, gave her one more blow cause it was just stuck there,” said McCarthy. “I could see it, and eventually, she just started screaming and crying, so I knew the baby was safe.”

Brenda Frank, who runs Start-The-Heart Training Center in Wexford, commented on McCarthy being a hero.

“I am so proud of Shannon. I don’t even know Shannon, and her story just gives me goosebumps,” said Frank.

The baby soon returned to a pinkish color and all signs points to being back to normal.

McCarthy is extremely happy she was able to save the baby’s life.

“It was a miracle. It was an amazing feeling,” she said.

Click here for information from the American Red Cross on what to do if a baby is choking.

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