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Head of Technology

About Us

Rabble Holdings is a digital media startup that leverages the power of storytelling to engage citizens more deeply with their communities. After completing a successful proof of concept in 2017, the company is embarking on its new product development.  We are seeking a Head of Technology to guide the implementation, deployment, and operations of this new media platform.

Rabble is proudly-Pittsburgh and earnestly believes we can become the first $1B valuation digital media startup in the region. Founded by KDKA news personality Marty Griffin and run by a team of veteran news producers and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Rabble has secured funding to take the company to the next level.  We will own the local media market in Pittsburgh, then expand opportunistically into adjacent markets before replicating the model across the United States and beyond.

About You

You want to bring your skills to an organization that respects your technical chops. You have built sites and run tech ops behind the scenes and are now ready to prove yourself on a team of talented people. You work hard, know your stuff, and deserve to be recognized and rewarded for it. You don’t need to be micro-managed, and you are eager to contribute your unique talents in a collaborative effort to bring a world-class media property to reality. You are proud of your work and you should be, because you’re that good. You just need a platform to show others what you can do.

About the Job

A super-successful digital media company lives or dies on delivering great content at scale. Rabble wants to hire a thoughtful, talented, unique-thinking technologist responsible for developing, deploying, optimizing, and maintaining the product’s test and production environments, while developing and driving the company’s technology strategy. You will work closely with the company’s world-class development and design partner and building an internal team, as needed, to deliver the product experience our users will come to expect. You will be the go-to person for the company’s technical strategy and systems.  Your goal: Scalable 24/7 up-time and an amazing customer experience.

We will hire someone who can demonstrate the ability to work effectively and collaboratively to deliver an agile consumer media site. Our Head of Technology will have experience planning, developing, and deploying new web sites/products, embraces rapid prototyping, user testing, and experimentation, and does so with a discipline that respects metrics and deadlines. We will hire someone who is as comfortable working independently as collaboratively, who communicates easily with team members, accepts feedback and critique as tools to improve, and most of all is ready to grow into an exceptional leader and critical member of our team.

We are moving quickly, and we expect your prior work and current interests to represent what you can do at Rabble.We have no bias for degree or specific experience, but we absolutely respect and expect to hire someone with intelligence, self-awareness, motivation, and ambition.  Most of all, we hire diverse people who prove themselves through their work, and who share our ambition to use news to connect people with their communities and in so doing create the world’s largest digital-first media platform.

About You in This Job

As Head of Technology, you will receive salary and benefits competitive with other startups in the area. You will work in Rabble’s Greentree office, and have flexibility of hours and workstyle as reasonably aligned with the needs and objectives of the company. You will work closely with the founders and news production teams, and report, ultimately, to the CEO.

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