Sparkt is our premier digital media brand.

Sparkt is  on a mission to cultivate and preserve strong connections in communities of location, ideas, and interest where citizens live richer lives because they are deeply engaged with one another.

Sparkt Media is fueled by the idea that the good in our communities should be celebrated. As importantly, we believe in the power of stories to spark positive and lasting change. We value community activism, everyday heroism, and unrelenting kindness. Sparkt Media partners with brand marketers who share these values.

SparktPGH is our social media handle. In the first six months after launching the Sparkt brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in September 2018, our social media content reached over 10 million people, and now growing by more than 2.5 million impressions each month.

The Sparkt Community Media platform connects people with shared interests to deeply engage with one another.We believe in the power of media to create positive connections; our technology platform gives users the power to connect, communicate, support, and engage in the world around them.

SparktLIVE is our digital broadcast channel, capturing kindness in real time. Find SparktLIVE on Facebook and the complete archive at

All Sparkt Media products conform to the highest standards for quality content and journalism. You can find our editorial content policies here.