Our Team

Marty Griffin, Founder & CEO

Marty built a career in television and talk radio around one guiding premise: use the power of media to do good things in your community. His “Get Marty” series has mustered hundreds of people and businesses to lend a hand to those in need. At Rabble Holdings, Marty might as well be our Chief Kindness Officer.

Chris Shipley, COO

Chris is a journalist and serial entrepreneur, whose work with early-stage technology startups helped launch hundreds of remarkable companies. An award-winning writer and producer, she is driving the company’s product strategy, while making the trains run on time.

Nigel Brown, CTO

Nigel is a startup technology superstar, and has learned what truly drives conversions, user engagement, growth, and diversity and inclusion: it’s how well you connect with and communicate your understanding back to the heart-beating people you are trying to help.

Michael Young, Head of Sales

Michael Young is a seasoned media executive, having cut his teeth building local broadcast brands. At Sparkt, he is the guiding hand behind ou partnership and advertising programs.

Patrick O’Connor, Executive Producer

Patrick is a dedicated, discerning and award-winning journalist and news producer. He’s led newsrooms across the country, bringing the stories of the day to television and online audiences. Patrick is our go-to guy for all things content.

Anne Linaberger, Executive Producer

Anne built a reputation as a Pittsburgh television news producer, ultimately running the news operations at the city’s leading stations. She joined Sparkt to bring that journalist’s eye to Sparkt’s daily reporting.

Kelly Arbogast,  Producer, Sponsored Content

Kelly has a passion for publishing, web design, and content creation. She is part editor, part marketer, part designer and 100% passionate about making a difference in the world. Kelly works with our clients to create engaging content marketing experiences that connect them with our readers in meaningful ways.

Amanda Fox, Community Manger

A recent college graduate, Amanda is skilled beyond her years. She impressed us by launching a social media agency while still in college to connect local businesses with student marketers. At Sparkt, she continues to make connections, this time between Sparkt’s media brands and our growing audiences.

Kami Small, Business Operations Manager

Kami keeps our business on track, leveraging her considerable business skills honed across both non- and for-profit businesses. In addition to making the business run smoothly, she is an emerging voice on the Sparkt.com platform.