Our Partners

Rabble Holdings, Inc, is a Delaware Corporation established in 2018. Founded by Marty Griffin and located in Pittsburgh, Pa., we are proud to be backed by two of Pittsburgh’s leading equity investment firms, along with our early angel investors.

Draper Triangle Logo

Draper Triangle Ventures: http://drapertriangle.com/

Draper Triangle is a venture capital firm that partners with the Midwest’s most extraordinary entrepreneurs who set out to change the world. Our firm was formed in the crucible of Pittsburgh’s reinvention from Steel City to leading center of technology. We have expanded across the Midwest and financed some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs and successful technology companies as modern entrepreneurship has spread throughout the region.

iNetworks Opportunity Fund: http://www.inetworkspe.com/

Our strategy is simple, to work with the management of our portfolio companies to efficiently and effectively bring their technology to market… Because iNetworks’ executives were once entrepreneurs themselves, they have been able to establish an extensive track record of partnering with management teams and entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.